At PwC we're always looking for top talent and the ICAEW's Training Vacancies website is a great way to promote our range of careers opportunities to such talent in the school leaver, undergraduate and graduate marketplace.

Andrew Bargery, Campus and Schools Engagement Leader, PwC.



Training Vacancies is an extremely useful tool for us when we recruit for our trainee accountants. We use it every year on an ongoing basis to attract potential trainees to our firm. We only actively recruit once a year but I have learned it is more beneficial to us to keep our vacancies posted on the Training Vacancies website all year round to give us the best possible chance of attracting the right trainees to our firm.

It is a useful tool, as it allows us to sell ourselves as a training firm through the ICAEW. In my opinion the majority of students (especially graduates) will refer to the ICAEW website for further information and advice on securing a training agreement to become a chartered accountant, so where better to advertise a position than with the ICAEW’s own Training Vacancies site?

I like the way we can use the job filter questions to create what is in effect a pre-selection screening, and attach a link to our own standard trainee application form. The site also enables us to direct potential trainee to our own website for further information about us and the training that we offer.

We receive a number of applications for our trainee vacancies and I would estimate that approximately 70% come through the Training Vacancies site.

Hannah-Jane Tripp, HR Manager, DSH.


Training vacancies played a huge role in getting me to where I am today. I found it difficult navigating the internet for graduate positions after leaving university, with many sites proving unsuitable for the graduate positions I was seeking. It was only when I came across the Training Vacancies website that I felt I found a site that really catered to my needs.

I always wanted to become a member of the ICAEW after leaving university and ideally wanted to train with a medium to small sized firm. Having the Training Vacancies site list all types of firms and positions really allowed me to apply to a firm I felt would suit me. The brief descriptions of the roles meant I could build a good understanding of what the role would require and if it was what I was looking for.

Chris, Graduate Student, DSH