Established in 1986, Adler Shine LLP is a full service, boutique, commercial accounting firm. The Practice mission is to enjoy working with clients who value and respect us and with whom we seek to have long term relationships. Professional expertise and integrity are values experienced from any professional firm. Our Practice values also recognise another two major assets: 1. Our Clients - ensuring their total satisfaction by delivering high quality work and service. 2. Our Team - recruiting and retaining high calibre, professional staff and providing a secure and motivating work environment, encouraging their development and training and ensuring clarity and openness in communication. Adler Shine recognises that clients can select from a wide list of capable and professional accountants. Whilst ensuring our Practice benefits from all the latest technology, Adler Shine remains committed to the principle that “human” contact is still a primary requirement for a successful relationship. Our focus on our employees and their welfare stems from our analysis of factors that feature strongly in companies renowned, world-wide, for delivering exceptional service to their customers. The care and service employees deliver to customers is a mirror of how they themselves are treated by their employer. By holding true to our mission and values, Adler Shine has enjoyed phenomenal growth, largely from referrals by existing clients. This is a most satisfying testimony to our clients’ opinion of our professional skills and the service we deliver.

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