Lee & Co Chartered Accountants are a well established general practice boutique firm offering a great mix of training leading to the professional qualification.

We are located in our own offices on Rickmansworth High Street.

Unusually for a firm with 10 staff a third of the fees are audit related. This reflects the large firm backgrounds of the two directors.

We are externally regulated by the HAT Group which ensures best procedures and training to allow the firm to compete with the best.

Our client base covers a very broad range of businesses from manufacturing companies to retired F1 drivers. We offer all the services you would expect from a local firm but within a growing national network that is expected to contribute to growth over the next few years.

Turnover in 2016 was 30% up on the previous year, reflecting our investment in people and systems.

We service over 300 companies and 700 individuals.

Junior staff are given excellent accounting, auditing and tax training but with top quality exam assistance alongside staff from the major firms.  The time and cost saved by avoiding the London commute attracts many staff to work locally and enjoy a better quality of life.